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iR Remote XBOX ONE

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Multimedia Infrared Remote Controller for Xbox OneYOUR PHONE / TABLET must have an IR transmitter (IR BLASTER)
If you have an Xbox 360 downloadiR Remote for XBOX 360
iR Remote XBOX ONE is designed to easily control your Blu-ray / DVD movies, streaming video, Netflix, apps, Xbox dashboard, Windows Mediacenter, TV power and volume.You can immediately control your Xbox OneYou do not have to wirelessly sync it to the console.iR Remote XBOX ONE uses Infrared (IR) technology to communicate with the console. For your remote to best communicate with your console, your phone ir transmitter should be pointed at the front of the console.Note: The IR receiver is on the console (approximately behind the eject button!)not the Kinect sensor, which has separate IR cameras and emitters.The Kinect sensor sends IR signals to your device (TV) to change channels and volume.OneGuide allows you to change channels on your compatible cable or satellite boxes.To control your TV power and volume, you’ll need to configure your console to control your TV. You’ll also have to make sure that your Kinect sensor is on because controlling these functions is enabled by the Xbox One Console software and the Kinect sensor.
*Power on/Home button.Will turn your console
*View button.Works the same as the View button on your Xbox One Controller.Use this button to focus on an activity in a game or app, like pulling up a map during a role-playing game or accessing the address bar in Internet Explorer.The functions of this button vary depending on the app or game.
*Menu button.Similar to the Menu button on your Xbox One controller, you can use this button to access game and app menu options like Settings or Help. This button also works for other commands, including as the Enter key on the Xbox One virtual keyboard.
*Select button.Used to select an item on screen, similar to pressing the A button on the controller.
*Navigation button.Used to navigate the dashboard or menus much like the directional pad on the controller.
*Back button.Pressing this button will take you back to the previous screen.
*OneGuide button.Opens OneGuide for your TV. If you haven’t set up OneGuide yet, pressing this button will open the setup screen.
*Volume button.Used to turn volume up and down on your TV.You must first set up your console to control your TV.
*Channel button.Used to change channels on your TV.You must first set up your console to control your TV.
*Mute button.Used to mute your TV.You must first set up your console to control your TV.
*Media control buttons.Media control buttons include Play, Pause, Rewind, Fast Forward, Stop, Next Chapter, and Previous Chapter.You can use these functions when watching media content on a disc or from an app.
External hardware NOT required and NOT used.SAMSUNG GALAXY S6 / S6 Edge / S5 / S4 / NOTE 8 / NOTE 10.1 / NOTE 3 / TAB 7.0plus / TAB 2 / TAB 3 / MEGA smartglass